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Allergic Reaction/Facial Swelling/Anaphylaxis

Facial swelling associated with allergic reaction is common in dogs and is most often associated with insect stings and bug/spider bites.  The swelling is often throughout the entire head and includes the eyelids, muzzle and ear flaps.  The swelling is usually red and hot to the touch.  The swelling is usually non-painful but can be extremely itchy.

The swelling may or may not be associated with more severe symptoms of anaphylaxis which include:  difficulty breathing/wheezing, pale gums, vomiting/diarrhea, staggering or collapse.  If any of these symptoms are present your pet must be seen immediately, as this reaction can be life-threatening.  If your dog seems fine other than the swelling you may treat the swelling at home by giving Benadryl™ (diphenhydramine).  Please consult the section on over-the-counter medications for proper dosage.