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Broken/Ripped/Bleeding Toe Nail

Try and remove any of the broken part of nail that may still be attached.  The broken end only causes the dog more pain and may increase or continue the bleeding every time the torn piece is disturbed.  The quickest way to do this is with a dog toenail clipper.  Sometimes the piece is barely hanging on and they can be pulled off (quickly) with your hand.

Then use warm water to gently rinse the toe.

If there is active bleeding, apply gentle but firm pressure with a clean cloth to the area.

Often this type of injury leaves a bloody "stump" of bone that would normally be safe inside the toenail housing.  This is very tender and sensitive.  Although not a medical emergency, it is advisable to have your vet take a look at this type of injury.  If a large amount of toenail has been removed, your vet may bandage the area and prescribe a short course of antibiotics as prophylaxis against infection.