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Dog Park and State/County Park Etiquette for your K-9 Friends

Most dog owners take their responsibilities seriously, and use common sense while at the dog park. Unfortunately there are some that are irresponsible, and they can ruin everyone else?s visit. The following rules of etiquette for the dog park are based on my personal observations of unacceptable behavior:

1. Always obey Leash Laws - only let your dog off lead if you are in a "Leash Free Zone".

2. Always clean up after your dog. It?s a dirty job, but someone?s got to do it!

3. You know your dog?s personality. If it is aggressive toward other dogs or people, please don?t bring them to the dog park. If a dog is being aggressive, it is not enjoying itself in this environment, and neither is anyone else.

4. Be aware of where your dog is, and what it is doing, at all times. You should not be so far away from your dog that you can?t get control of it if you need to. This is a social time for your dog first - then you.

5. If your dog is misbehaving, please remove them from the dog park immediately. Other owners don?t want to have to tell you to leave.

6. If your dog is in heat (season), please don?t bring them to the dog park. If your dog is not spayed, you certainly don?t want it to be bred randomly, and the shelters already have too many unwanted dogs.

7. Never drop off, or leave your dog unattended, at the dog park.

8. Make sure your dog is healthy, current of vaccinations, and free of disease and fleas.