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Limping is one of the most common veterinary complaints, especially in dogs.  The list of ailments that can cause limping is extensive and includes: musculoskeletal injury (fracture, sprains, ruptured cruciate ligament), infection of the toes/ pads/ nails, arthritis, Lyme disease, intervertebral disc disease, degenerative disease and metabolic disease. 

Some dogs will limp profoundly if they have a broken toenail while others will barely limp with advanced bone cancer.  If your pet is limping, you should limit their activity until your veterinarian can evaluate them.  Cases that should be seen immediately as emergency include those that resulted from known trauma such as hit-by-car, those accompanied by other symptoms such as weakness and lack of appetite, and any limp resembling paralysis.  (See paralysis.) As noted in the section on over-the-counter medications, buffered aspirin can be given to dogs (not cats), see the section on over-the-counter medications for dosage.

Ibuprofen™, Tylenol™, naproxen, and many other OTC pain relievers are extremely toxic to dogs and cats and should never be administered.