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Motel Manners for You and Your Dog

  • Bring baggies and clean up after your dog—anywhere.
  • If you find someone else's dog's poop, clean that, too. Leave the motel room and grounds cleaner when you leave than when you arrived.
  • Carry a flashlight when you potty your dog at night, so you can see the poop to pick it up. Do not leave it for morning.
  • Bring a leash and use the leash. No matter how well-trained, your dog should be leashed for the comfort and respect of other motel guests. Leashes and Flexi-leashes no more than 6 feet whenever in the presence of other people.
  • Bring a blanket or comforter for either the bed or the floor where your dog will sleep — so you don't cover the motel with dog hair.
  • If your dog is a heavy shedder, and you notice lots of dog hair in your room, bring a wire slicker dog brush, and brush the hairs off the carpeting before checking out.
  • If your dog is an alarm barker at home, do not bring him with you to the motel where he can hear every noise during the night and erupt in barking, and disturb ALL the other motel guests. Leave the TV on medium-low, to block out random noises, and/or the bathroom fan, and/or the air-conditioner/heating fan so that your dog doesn't hear every little noise.
  • Never have your dog alone in the motel room unless he is crated. This is for your sake and the motel's. A maid can walk in and accidentally let your dog loose, or be frightened/traumatized by encountering your dog. A bite would be devastating for all involved, and forever ruin the opportunity to travel with our dogs. Crate train your dog BEFORE you need to travel.
  • Make absolutely certain your dog is flea-free before staying at a motel. The products available today to combat fleas on your pet make it simple and affordable to do so.
  • At minimum, your dog should respond reliably to a “sit” and a “stay” and “heel” (walking calmly at your side) command, before taking him to a motel. Often you will have to ride an elevator or pass other non dog-loving guests in narrow hallways, and your dog needs to be under control.
  • Do not bring an aggressive dog into a public motel. Your dog will encounter numerous strangers (way more than at home) in tight situations, and the stress of traveling can lower your dog's threshold for aggression. No motel guest — dog-loving or non-dog-loving — should be subjected to a growling or lunging dog.
  • If your dog should have an “accident” and soil the room, immediately inform the motel staff, and offer to pay for any extra cleaning expenses.
  • Never bathe your dog in the motel bathroom, nor groom him in the room or on the grounds.
  • Never use motel towels for your dog. It's gross and rude.
Do not take for granted the motels and hotels that accept pets! It is a gift for those of us who travel with their pets. Our behavior and our dog's behavior impacts everyone when we stay in a motel.

By following the above guidelines, we all work together to ensure they continue to accept pets in the future.