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The Facts About Pregnancy and Breeding

If you're considering breeding your cat or dog, make sure you know all the facts first. Breeding is a complicated process that involves a tremendous amount of time, effort and money—and the risk of your pet's life.

After the time, effort, costs and emotional toll on individuals and their families, most people end up wishing they would never have allowed their female to have a litter.

If you do choose to breed, you will need to consider the following:
• Have the male and female animals had a medical exam to be sure they are healthy?
• Are they free of venereal diseases?
• Are they free from hereditary problems such as deafness in cats or hip dysplasia in dogs?
• Are their vaccinations up-to-date, and have they been wormed?
• Do you know what food and equipment you will need to give the mother and offspring proper care?
• Are you ready to pay the extra veterinary costs if there are problems with the pregnancy or delivery?

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