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Traveling by Car Tips

If you must travel with your pet for long distances in your car, please take the following tips into consideration:

  • Get your pet accustomed to riding in your car. Begin with short rides each day and gradually increase the length of each ride.
  • Do not feed your pet for at least three hours before leaving on a trip. Take your dog for a walk just before you start the drive. You will still have to stop along the way, but your dog will be more comfortable as the trip gets underway.
  • When you stop, make sure to give your dog plenty of fresh water.
  • If the drive is eight hours or longer, give your cat the opportunity to use a litter pan three or four times, and offer him fresh drinking water.
  • Using a carrier is the safest way for your dog to travel, or consider using a restraining harness. A cat should always be confined in a carrier in the car (cats tend to hide under the seats and it can be extremely difficult and painful for the cat to get them out). Never place the carrier on the sunny side of the car; pets can easily overheat.
  • Never leave your pet in the car unattended. Pets can easily overheat even with windows open, and can suffer heat exhaustion, heat stroke or even death as a result. Your pet may also get stolen if left alone in a car.